Day 11: tomorrow today

tomorrow i will know you

curled into the future
over the hurdle of midnight
down through the blue hours
singing kep’nmite to a new sun

today, another blow

tomorrow, you will understand
the threadbare love you tug
around your shoulders
a net more than a shield

today, another beneficent cigarette

tomorrow, you will go down
to the sea, and understand
eternity is grass, on land
or underwater, bend and flow

today, a little more flex
a little less snap

tomorrow i will still know you

packing up the years, uncloaking 
before stark standing spruce
your will to keep turning 
life’s lathe shining you

today, fat chickadee chatters in one
spruce who has spent the winter
telegraphing your sorrow
so when the phone rings
i will know to remind you

live today, and today
and today and today
keep to the way

Today’s prompt, tomorrow today, calls to mind television shows from the 1970s – but also, the enduring nature of family love – those we are born to, and those we find along the way.

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