Notions 2: Love, as Elemental

of all the gifts given in silence, love proves most mutable perhaps love is water those who ascribe to it fire have to own, love takes air, dizzyingly but say love is earth both clay and vessel made and shattered ground down to powder renewed by water, air and fire and its own sweet irrepressible,…

notions 1: bird song

crows, gulls, and those little guys who fly so fast crank and marfle on about topics well outside boxes, wheelhouses, bailiwicks my languages stake out; they might be talking about territory, it’s the one thing we are sure they do; over my head, some sort of fellow with a voice like a movie sound-effect –…

As If We Believe in the Light

Seems a good moment to remind ourselves of renewal, as Edmonton enters that scruffy moment before Winter slouches off an makes way for Spring.     April is ugly in April in Edmonton but swans ripple high overhead and we lift up our eyes to their arrows as if we believe in warm wind it…

Frog’s Eye Blues – Spoken Word Duet

As 30/30 2020 draws near, here’s a fun piece from last year’s 30/30 games. While playing 30/30 with Stroll of Poets pals, Ivan Sundal smacked me with the image of a frog’s eye. One thing led to another:

Waking: Another Video Poem Experiment

Living in a petro–state, thinking about dinosaurs and oil…remembering visiting Seoul, and thinking about dragons and power… Another poem from Fifth World Drum, rendered into another form.

Journey Prayer, the Video!

My first experiment with video poems… seems like a good time to revisit a prayer for all travelers…

Worm Medicine Boogie!

A little meditation on dealing with life, and remembering to dance! If you like disco, if you like gardening, if you want to dance in your kitchen – for you! Originally posted in 2018.