Washing the World, at the Poetry Foundation!

The Poetry Foundation, in Chicago, Illinois, has published a poem of mine,  Washing the World  –  first seen here back in 2013/14. Check out their site, there are a lot of amazing writers there. I’m thrilled to be among them now. Fabulous image of the Northern Lights is from user Hans, at pixabay.com

Peach Blossom (after Li Po)

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
Peach Blossom (after Li Po) Ask why I stay on the green mountain and I smile but do not answer; my heart rests. A peach blossom floats downstream – Heaven and earth, apart from this world. ? The transliteration on Chinese-poems.com is as follows: ? Ask me what…

Ode to Allan R

Another perfect day. A great day for madcap rehearsals for the massive community theatre show. But was it the power or the water utility responsible? I don’t remember, and the people i’d ask are either dead or otherwise out of touch. Anyway, the town had no water. No water is no big deal as far…