Waking: Another Video Poem Experiment

Living in a petro–state, thinking about dinosaurs and oil…remembering visiting Seoul, and thinking about dragons and power… Another poem from Fifth World Drum, rendered into another form.

Worm Medicine Boogie!

A little meditation on dealing with life, and remembering to dance! If you like disco, if you like gardening, if you want to dance in your kitchen – for you! Originally posted in 2018.

When The Way Seems Long

When the way seems long, or any burden heavy, we have songs Witness how love and courage lift and reweave the broken strands     Ue O Muite Arukou, by Kyu Sakamoto, was a huge hit in 1961, and the English version – ridiculously titled ‘Sukiyaki,’ which is a bit like translating, for example, Unchained…

Free – Graffiti6: Song Review, Years Later

Free running that bass up my spine while Jamie sings, heart in throat and the bells pulling i believe, falling, i believe “…hard to breathe when you’re not near” every one you ever loved walks streets and alleys full of young people seeking something inarticulate “I can’t live, oh, without you” and the city and the…

Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund

This year, I am honoured to be one of ten recipients of an award through the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund. Find out about this remarkable granting initiative, and the ways it’s been supporting creative community building in Edmonton since 1997. Thanks to the one and only Darrin Hagen  (also a recipient this year!) for nominating…

Worm Medicine Boogie!

Learning, day by day, about sound and video programs; spent the afternoon learning about Garageband and catching up on news of the local arts, with the talented and generous Darrin Hagen. Thanks, pal. (don’t judge him by the quality of my work, mind you). Still such a beginner. Might as well have fun with it,…

Goodnight America: Video Poem #3

  Small note per end credits: This poem, in the end, is not included in For the Changing Moon: Poems and Songs, my new book, out this fall.