Journey Song Arrives!

After a pandemic-induced wait of about 16 months, it’s here! The World Premiere of composer Mari Alice Conrad’s SATB Choir setting of Journey Song, sung here in a live recording in Toronto by commissioning choir Babel, under the baton of Elaine Choi. I first published a version of Journey Song in my 2009 collection, Fifth…

Makushin Readings: From Russia with Love (of Books)

In May, it was my distinct pleasure to attend (via Zoom) the 12th annual Makushin Readings in Novo Sibirsk/Tomsk, Russia. Recently, the presentation was posted on Youtube. Many thanks to my friend Svetlana Pavlenko for arranging this opportunity.

Words made Song: another collaboration

Canadian composer Mari Alice Conrad’s latest piece, The Peculiar Dances of Shifting Minds, inspired in part by this poem of mine which honours my late mother. Also on the program, new works by composers Athena Loredo and Alice Ping Yee Ho; all performed by Vancouver’s Allegra Chamber Orchestra, under the leadership of Janna Sailor. Congratulations…

Advent Eve Offering

A beautiful poem, written and spoken by beloved peace worker Carolyn Pogue. Galaxy image from

Humane Launch Video

226 people from around the world signed up to join the November 7th extravaganza that saw Stonehouse Publishing launch 5 new novels. I was beyond thrilled to be asked to read 5th of 5, to ‘close the show’ in theatre parlance. In the event, slightly under 200 people tuned in. And what a fine time…

Polyglot Indigenous Languages Litfest Launch

Here’s your link to a free event honouring The Polyglot Magazine’s INdigenous Languages Double Issue, featuring text and images from an array of talented folks living our inheritance as Indigenous Artists.

Humane Launch Invitation

This is it! We’re launching online, which means you can join us from anywhere in the world. I am blessed to have my first novel come out in company with excellent fellow writers Elizabeth Bales Frank, Robin Van Eck, Sabrina Uswak and Karin Goble, under the auspices of Stonehouse Publishing. A friend of the publisher,…

Humane: Announcement and Trailer

This is it! I could not be more excited!   Novel writing is both solo and entirely inter-dependent work. I could not have done this without: D and T, Edmonton Arts Council, MacEwan University, my extended family especially my sis, my Beta Readers over the past few years, and those friends and colleagues, human and…

Goodnight America: Video Poem #3

Originally posted in May, 2018. Resonating with the current moment. Events since cause me to reflect anew on the beauty and sorrow, the potential and corruption, the vast contrasts, in the land of our next-door neighbours.       This is the ‘rough edit’ … I’ve since re-recorded the sound, though I’ve yet to re-create…

Waking: Another Video Poem Experiment

Living in a petro–state, thinking about dinosaurs and oil…remembering visiting Seoul, and thinking about dragons and power… Another poem from Fifth World Drum, rendered into another form.

Worm Medicine Boogie!

A little meditation on dealing with life, and remembering to dance! If you like disco, if you like gardening, if you want to dance in your kitchen – for you! Originally posted in 2018.

When The Way Seems Long

When the way seems long, or any burden heavy, we have songs Witness how love and courage lift and reweave the broken strands     Ue O Muite Arukou, by Kyu Sakamoto, was a huge hit in 1961, and the English version – ridiculously titled ‘Sukiyaki,’ which is a bit like translating, for example, Unchained…