My Mother’s Ghost Knits a Scarf of Chain

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? My Mother’s Ghost Knits a Scarf of Chain When I look up rust scabs flutter from your clicking needles, subsuming even the brightest link in this moon-drenched room. Communion’s possibility perished in that wicker basket, and we hold close our secrets, looped within circles, joined in these…

Guest Post: Another Storm, by Ellen Kartz

Yet another morning after yet another rain, the alley shows the proof of last night’s storm— the puddles in the gravel, in the pavement’s recesses. Trees always look greener in the morning. They suffer the worst in storms, but somehow manage to recover—taller, stronger. It takes us longer to find our strength again. We get…

Saint Behind the Glass

Here’s a lyrical meditation from NYC author Elizabeth Frank, whose latest novel arrives from Stonehouse Press in November. Elizabeth Frank


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Working for God is never easy. She’s a bit demanding, and always a tad over the top. But it gets worse when you’re tasked with helping mortals fall in love. “Avery, you got a new task today.” I sighed, slumping down in my chair. “Don’t I always.” Masami glared…

Camino Edmonton

My friend Astrid did something remarkable this year, in company with some remarkable folks. Read her story here: via Camino Edmonton

person Estrella del Valle, three poems translated by Toshiya Kamei

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Born in Córdoba, Veracruz, Estrella del Valle now lives in El Paso, Texas. Her most recent poetry collection, Calima: CAution LIve aniMAls, was published in 2018. Translations of her poems have appeared in various journals, including Burnside Review, Coe Review, Controlled Burn, International Poetry Review, and Pembroke Magazine. Toshiya Kamei holds…

Ghazal to Bob, in the Night

It’s a new year, but I haven’t changed. I cannot resist responding to awesome poetry. I do hope Mr. Okaji will forgive me taking his name in this vein… Anchors aweigh, we settle lower in the water every year we are blessed to yet bob in the night. Pockets emptied, we cast vestments to slaughter…

Another Podcast Up, at CBC

Here’s another great podcast series; this one’s about Indigenous languages. Each guest is interviewed about our relationship to/use of our Indigenous language(s), and asked to share 3 words for the audience to learn. Have a listen! First Words There is so much more I’d like to say, and of course, so much more we discussed,…

Podcast Up!

Recently, I had the most delicious privilege of spending an evening as the guest of Let’s Get Lit* –  Have a listen! * I was their Alcohol-Free special edition, ’cause I’m truly just that square! And ’cause being part of such a sweet, hilarious and warm-hearted community just lights me up!

Collage, Making the Cut, Cutting Up

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Tristan Tzara, Dadaist poet,  famously advocated a “cut-up” method of composition, involving cutting out words from a newspaper and drawing them randomly from a hat to create a poem. Collage in language-based work can now mean any composition that includes words, phrases, or sections of outside source material in juxtaposition. With…