Saint Behind the Glass

Here’s a lyrical meditation from NYC author Elizabeth Frank, whose latest novel arrives from Stonehouse Press in November. Elizabeth Frank

As If We Believe in the Light

Seems a good moment to remind ourselves of renewal, as Edmonton enters that scruffy moment before Winter slouches off an makes way for Spring.     April is ugly in April in Edmonton but swans ripple high overhead and we lift up our eyes to their arrows as if we believe in warm wind it…

Worm Medicine Boogie!

A little meditation on dealing with life, and remembering to dance! If you like disco, if you like gardening, if you want to dance in your kitchen – for you! Originally posted in 2018.

A Mustang for Bob: Self-Portrait as Compost

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
  Self-Portrait as Compost Beneath the surface find warmth, the fruit of decay and mastication, of layered mixes and intermingled juices. Disintegrated or whole, still I strive to speak. Bits of me meld, to be absorbed slowly; I process and am processed: here, within the pepper bush’s deep…


Originally posted on O at the Edges:
  ? Firewood For two years the oak loomed, leafless. We had aged together, but somehow I survived the drought and ice storms, the regret and wilt, the explosions within, and it did not. I do not know the rituals of trees, how they mourn a passing, or…

person Estrella del Valle, three poems translated by Toshiya Kamei

Originally posted on ISACOUSTIC*:
Born in Córdoba, Veracruz, Estrella del Valle now lives in El Paso, Texas. Her most recent poetry collection, Calima: CAution LIve aniMAls, was published in 2018. Translations of her poems have appeared in various journals, including Burnside Review, Coe Review, Controlled Burn, International Poetry Review, and Pembroke Magazine. Toshiya Kamei holds…

Collage, Making the Cut, Cutting Up

Originally posted on SpectatorCurator:
Tristan Tzara, Dadaist poet,  famously advocated a “cut-up” method of composition, involving cutting out words from a newspaper and drawing them randomly from a hat to create a poem. Collage in language-based work can now mean any composition that includes words, phrases, or sections of outside source material in juxtaposition. With…

Helsinki (with recording)

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
? ? Helsinki An editor said never start a poem at a window, so instead I’m looking at the door, which is made of glass. We are to avoid rain, too, but it streaks the pane in such delicious patterns that I can’t help but pretend to be…

Scarecrow Replies

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
? Scarecrow Replies ? This talk of destiny and exceptionalism and the incessant push towards terror inflames my metaphorical innards. Birds may kill, but they don’t practice genocide and never erase history’s missteps with published falsities; their songs remain true. Not so with man. What grows importance is…