When They Ask, I’ll Say

It’s not our fault you feel bad. You should. We should. It’s dead children. We can all do better now.

Polyglot Indigenous Languages Litfest Launch

Here’s your link to a free event honouring The Polyglot Magazine’s INdigenous Languages Double Issue, featuring text and images from an array of talented folks living our inheritance as Indigenous Artists.

In Residence

Well, I’m In-Residence now. Following in footsteps of many respected colleagues, peers and mentors, I’m the Writer-in-Residence at MacEwan University. A residency is so much more than a sponsored time and space for pursuing one’s own artistic goals, although that, in itself, makes a residency a wonderful thing. I’m being paid to obey my muse,…

Askipaw: Permaculture Superstar

Woke up to a slight flu, enough to spend the day languishing round the house til mid-afternoon, when a timid knock at the back door announced Fatima, my neighbour, who had come to ask if I had grape leaves to spare. Fatima has been harvesting my leaves for a few seasons now, and I’ve become…

Reflection: St. Eugene, 2019

“We’re selling an opportunity to understand our history, to know our people and to share our vision of turning a 60-year nightmare around. We’re creating new memories for our children.” – Ktunaxa Chief Sophie Pierre St. Eugene is a former Indian Residential School, which has been made over into a resort, complete with casino and…