In 2008, I started a little blog, on a WordPress site set up for me by my lovely publishers, Frontenac House, who put out my inaugural book of poetry, Fifth World Drum.

The blog, which i named Fifth World Journal, was great fun to write, for a time. Then, for reasons that would require too long a post, the site went off-line for a time. By the time everything was repaired and ready to get back blogging, two big things had changed.

One was, i found a group in another country had taken on the name ‘Fifth World Journal,’ for their site about ecumenical issues. Interesting, i thought, and felt both flattered and annoyed.

The second thing was, i became Poet Laureate of my city, Edmonton. For two years, all my writer energy has been taken up with that post, and with my writing facilitator job.

Well, it’s a new day. My civic posting complete, i’m a free-range blogger once again. So, this is my  Fifth World Journal at Prairiepomes.com

Prairiepomes? It’s been my handle for years and years, and this time, i figured out to register it! Pomes – in case you didn’t know – are a particular style of fruit, exemplified by apples, belonging to the rose family. But why? Why? i could wax pretentious about how my work is the fruit of living in this particular northern prairie province for so much of my life – but, do you really care? It sounds fun, right? prairiepomes. I like it.

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  1. Yes, prairiepomes is perfect!


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