The Silence Between Two Rivers

I call myself the Silence Between Two Rivers because I inherit two large streams of humanity. The stories of our interconnections are not well told, for the most part. And the pressure to choose one side or another of my identity is real. And tedious. And not nearly as interesting to me as the territory in between.

A Mustang for Bob: Self-Portrait as Compost

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
  Self-Portrait as Compost Beneath the surface find warmth, the fruit of decay and mastication, of layered mixes and intermingled juices. Disintegrated or whole, still I strive to speak. Bits of me meld, to be absorbed slowly; I process and am processed: here, within the pepper bush’s deep…


Originally posted on O at the Edges:
  ? Firewood For two years the oak loomed, leafless. We had aged together, but somehow I survived the drought and ice storms, the regret and wilt, the explosions within, and it did not. I do not know the rituals of trees, how they mourn a passing, or…

person Estrella del Valle, three poems translated by Toshiya Kamei

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Born in Córdoba, Veracruz, Estrella del Valle now lives in El Paso, Texas. Her most recent poetry collection, Calima: CAution LIve aniMAls, was published in 2018. Translations of her poems have appeared in various journals, including Burnside Review, Coe Review, Controlled Burn, International Poetry Review, and Pembroke Magazine. Toshiya Kamei holds…


What is it to be human? Profoundly, humans are diggers of wells. The best of who we are in any civilisation includes the will and skill to dig a well, to secure a supply of life-giving water for those we hold near and dear. Around the world, wells take many forms, expressing our ingenuity and…

Another Podcast Up, at CBC

Here’s another great podcast series; this one’s about Indigenous languages. Each guest is interviewed about our relationship to/use of our Indigenous language(s), and asked to share 3 words for the audience to learn. Have a listen! First Words There is so much more I’d like to say, and of course, so much more we discussed,…

Podcast Up!

Recently, I had the most delicious privilege of spending an evening as the guest of Let’s Get Lit* –  Have a listen! * I was their Alcohol-Free special edition, ’cause I’m truly just that square! And ’cause being part of such a sweet, hilarious and warm-hearted community just lights me up!

the ladies say

in yourself centre and honour the artist woman, mother, other then you’ll know how to ask others to do so then you’ll know what can be asked, and what must be commanded. With gratitude to the beauty of JR,HW,FD,HG.

Scarecrow Replies

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
? Scarecrow Replies ? This talk of destiny and exceptionalism and the incessant push towards terror inflames my metaphorical innards. Birds may kill, but they don’t practice genocide and never erase history’s missteps with published falsities; their songs remain true. Not so with man. What grows importance is…

A Constellation of Support

Today seems a good day to post this little article from 2015. A Constellation of Support  It was a rare pleasure to meet the various people I interviewed for this, and I came away feeling uplifted. The thing is, nobody does anything in this world without support, whether we see and acknowledge it or not….

The Polyglot: Adventures in Many Tongues

Really great artists hold the door. My amazing friend Luciana Erregue-Sacchi is one of those, and this past spring, she collaborated with another, the lovely Adriana Onita, who spearheads the editorial collective that produces The Polyglot. Luciana, as an art historian, wanted to explore the connection between visual and literary aspects of our Canadian canon,…

Death Tango for Three: the Podcast

Last winter, Argentinian born poet and art historian Luciana Erregue-Sacchi invited two writers – myself and the fabulous Nermeen Youssef – to join her on a quest, to encounter, perform and respond to Paul Célan’s masterpiece, the Todesfuge/Death Tango. Over the course of an incredible night, we shared our hearts and minds, resonating like bells…