To be judged by the content of one’s character.

To associate with those refreshing souls who dare to ask uncomfortable questions, and listen, not in preparation to be offended, but in order to understand.

A view to the East, and morning moments in which to arrive peaceably in the waking world, inspired by dreamful rest.

Meaningful work, that offers learning, surprise and adventure in manageable measure, and stretches one’s abilities with the stress that builds power and skill.


Music, that glory shared between all living souls in some measure.

Clean water. Sound air.

The confident faith that one is held, at all times, within the Hand of the Almighty, that power beyond naming, and that it is enough.

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  1. Mary-Ann says:

    …….so thankful for all those good things and for your gift of being able to put them into words…. thank you!


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