Prayer for Leaders

You are my people, and I love you and serve you. If you are in pain, I will bear it with you. If you celebrate, I will raise my voice in joy with you. If you face danger, I will face it first. If you must be constrained, I will bear with this same constraint. If you must forego wages for a time, let my family and I live without as well for the duration of that time. If it is your history, it is our history, and I shall remember with you. If we need a vision, I shall ask you, both wise and simple, eminent and unknown, to consider what is your deepest imagining of how wonderful our land and our life in it could be; and I shall lead the work of building that vision. My hands shall be honourably stained with labour, and I will serve you with the fulness of my heart and mind and spirit as well, for you are my people, and I love and serve you.

Where is a leader, who will say this in words and deeds?

Images by nevena-minova and smahel, from

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