For Valentine’s Day, here’s a great story from Green-Eyed Cat Cave, my daughter’s affiliated site.

Green-Eyed Cat Cave

Working for God is never easy. She’s a bit demanding, and always a tad over the top. But it gets worse when you’re tasked with helping mortals fall in love.

“Avery, you got a new task today.”

I sighed, slumping down in my chair. “Don’t I always.”

Masami glared at me for a moment. “I would appreciate it if you didn’t do this before every assignment, you know. I may be made of stone, but I have feelings.”

I muttered an apology to the immortal creature.

Masami nodded pleasantly, picking up the scroll in two of their hands. “Now…ah, yes. You’ll be tasked with making this young woman and this young man fall in love.” They held out a hologram of two figures, and I immediately registered their faces as unforgettable.

“Fine. But, please, Masami, let’s call it what it is – I’m making them infatuated. Not in love.”…

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