Day Three: Personal Universe Deck

Hey God! 
This is my personal universe?

but the greatest stillness cannot be
taught, and stars align as if dealt
from the bottom of the deck

three of spades, their names
known to those who loved them
who cried over their wavering sin

queen of clubs, bright 
as a diamond onstage, singing
scarlet gown ablaze from within

then again, knee bent, her hand
always on the lion, uncrowned
empress of temperate strength

that’s the deal. play
the cards that come.

never a gambler worth a dime
who grumbled, flinched or gave
away the pain of a luckless hand
no such thing exists, only steel
enough to bluff the duffers
only fools suffer when 
exaltation is one bold bid away.

go all in. grin. gamble on the one
who rolls stones, the girl 
with the roses, and her sturdy-legged
sister, they’ve got your number

gamble on the jack 
of all trades, mastered by none
and his brother jack, whose queen
looks ever east and overcast

and win it, with the unspoken

bottom of the deck, bottom of
the totem pole is pride of place

shoot your cuffs, blow smoke
and stars align as if dealt.

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