Humane Launch Video

226 people from around the world signed up to join the November 7th extravaganza that saw Stonehouse Publishing launch 5 new novels. I was beyond thrilled to be asked to read 5th of 5, to ‘close the show’ in theatre parlance.

In the event, slightly under 200 people tuned in. And what a fine time we all had. I’m thrilled by the exceedingly positive things shared in the Chat (the online stand-in for applause and in-person celebration)…

Here’s the recording, including trailers, the food&drink pairings chat from Glass Bookstore proprietors, and a song for each book. I’m particularly thrilled that Humane was honoured with Bad Dog Blues, written by Lana Gilday whilst reading Humane. If you don’t feel to settle in for the full show, Humane begins at 1:15:24.

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