There is an Onion: Sound Recording 2

So, the hub test-listened, and made a couple of suggestions… here’s version 2. Now, working on the video… Meanwhile, hope you enjoy. Let me know your thoughts.  

Home Words: Come Out and Play!

Poetry Month is upon us. For  2019 Edmonton Poetry Festival  I’m honoured to be performing at 3 events, sharing the stage with some very fine wordsmiths. If you’re in Edmonton, come on out (I can’t promise I won’t ask you to sing along) – CKUA Studios on the 23rd, 6 PM, CBC Centre Stage at Noon on…

Hear the WORD

Tomorrow night, I get to spend an hour with Michael James and Thea Bowering, talking about words, music, religion, sex and politics. What’s more fun than campus radio? Indie, intellectual and evolving. Check it out! Word on CJSR