Humane Launch Video

226 people from around the world signed up to join the November 7th extravaganza that saw Stonehouse Publishing launch 5 new novels. I was beyond thrilled to be asked to read 5th of 5, to ‘close the show’ in theatre parlance. In the event, slightly under 200 people tuned in. And what a fine time…

By Heart: A Celebration in 10 Languages, speaking and singing words we hold dear

My tenure at MacEwan University as Writer-in-Residence has offered opportunities to connect with a vibrant, multi-faceted community. Most wonderfully, the very day I introduced myself to the English department faculty, I was approached by Dr. Svitlana Krys, the Kule Chair in Ukrainian Studies, who offered to make at least one of my dreams come true….

In Residence

Well, I’m In-Residence now. Following in footsteps of many respected colleagues, peers and mentors, I’m the Writer-in-Residence at MacEwan University. A residency is so much more than a sponsored time and space for pursuing one’s own artistic goals, although that, in itself, makes a residency a wonderful thing. I’m being paid to obey my muse,…

Late Summer Mustangs

Boulevard elms are golding now, first fogs have lifted Time to return to keyboard and pen. Yesterday, my fab pal Shelley sent me a great poem, and the mustang spirit reared up and inspired a responsorial. Here, for your amusement: How To Love Your Life Begin in the woods. Feel the tree-air cool your limbs…

There is an Onion: Sound Recording 2

So, the hub test-listened, and made a couple of suggestions… here’s version 2. Now, working on the video… Meanwhile, hope you enjoy. Let me know your thoughts.  

Home Words: Come Out and Play!

Poetry Month is upon us. For  2019 Edmonton Poetry Festival  I’m honoured to be performing at 3 events, sharing the stage with some very fine wordsmiths. If you’re in Edmonton, come on out (I can’t promise I won’t ask you to sing along) – CKUA Studios on the 23rd, 6 PM, CBC Centre Stage at Noon on…

Hear the WORD

Tomorrow night, I get to spend an hour with Michael James and Thea Bowering, talking about words, music, religion, sex and politics. What’s more fun than campus radio? Indie, intellectual and evolving. Check it out! Word on CJSR