Late June Garden

Gratitude for
the lilac
white petunias
tiny papyrus
the boxes of garden, off-square
the potato bathtub
these hillbilly choices, my higgledy carpentry
and green life that says yes nonetheless

gratitude for
the patio
this ache in my back from the building of it
that pile of bricks for the path yet to lay
these eye and hand choices, my higgledy masonry
and earth cradling bricks into steadiness nonetheless

gratitude for
the work
the work that has been
the work that will arise
and this work today

and also the bird generations
in our patch-painted garage
nests in every cranny, songs in every shrub


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  1. Mary-Ann DeVries says:

    So different from ours,,,, so higgedly fabulous!

    I have your water bottle and will return it to you next Tuesday! MA

    Sent from my iPad



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