Camino Edmonton Day 4: depths

In their black in dark hours, grandmothers
crawl up the Way of the Cross, proclaiming
by this deed, the immutable glory to come
above Ajijic, knees raw, backs craggy, grandmothers
and mountains bathe in Easter sunrise.

Where the body shivers and aches, the spirit
must step in.

Where language and history differ, there too, spirit.

Down along pathways closest to North Saskatchewan River, pilgrims
of our modern faith walk; we test our bodies, but
we pull through together by the strength of our creed:
this is a plural nation, granted various visions of God
and agreeing, these green and leafy pathways
lead us to the heart of what matters.


Last night, my body seized up, and I reprised, less humourously, the pose above. Today, I lounge at home, staggering and leaning about the house, pining a bit for the trail and my Camino Edmonton companions. 

Today’s plant of the day, the Pine, is a symbol of wisdom in Anishinaabe and in Chinese traditions. Wisdom declares that I must obey the body’s call to stop, rest, listen. The path will be there when my body has healed. And meanwhile, in heart and mind, I can lift up the steps of the walkers who continue today. 

Photo credits to Camino camera-smith Gunnar Blodgett.

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  1. Graham Hicks says:

    Thank you for the beautiful poetic report of our journey. We are blessed!


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