Camino Edmonton Day 2: Crossing

whitemud winds down
brown and peaty, and on
the boardwalk through willow breaks
squirrel on a handrail, happy to eat offerings
but quick to leap away – there is a line.

below fort edmonton, in the forest, we discuss
old names, dark histories
how to teach and learn
past potholes slippery with falling
how to reach across
what bars our understanding.

in the shade of footbridge piers, we rest
like squirrels, to take refreshment
perched above saskatchewan
her swift brown waters
running high, tumbling
this earth, a gift
wrapped in summer sky

and when we walk
we sing testimony:thumbnail-3
bridges great and slight
connect our lives.


Today’s plant: pembina, aka highbush cranberry, with her distinctive crowns of large and small white blossom, will brighten the autumn with red, sustaining berries. 

Photo credits: Gunnar Blodgett

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  1. rothpoetry says:

    A great descriptive poem! Well done.
    We enjoyed visiting Edmonton when my father in law was in the Whitemud care facility. We enjoyed visiting Fort Edmonton when our boys were young

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