June 17: Mazurka

We are like storks in Mazury
every year, returning our gaze
to the heights allotted us;

we are like mermaids
and the Holy Mother
watching over our own heart;

we are broad and dark
bold despite uncertainty
like glacial lakes;

and in us, let it be
said that, epochally ancient
light still dances.

The Mazurka, of course, is a most famous Polish country dance. My mother’s family came from Poland, and I cherish our hard-headed endurance, even as I understand – I am not Polish, nor could I be confident that I’d be embraced fully as family, any more than I am ever certain of my full-hearted welcome among my Anishinaabe and Mi’gmaq kin. But that is no reason not to dance.

Image by Emilia_Baczynska on pixabay.com 

Thankful to the makers of this great documentary, a fine companion on a rainy morning.

Poland: The Road of Revival


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