The March This Time: a Collective Conversation

In which I join Professor Norman Cornett and students in an entrepreneurial program at Maskwacis College in 2014. We share poetry and reflections on bringing our whole selves into our careers. I start with the poem, The March This Time, which tells a true story of a time I went to Ottawa and encountered a peace march, which I joined, and which was also joined, and protected, by police. There’s lots to think about in that simple fact… but we went a lot further… the students responded to the poem and made their own poetry, and talked about all sorts of deep things.

Looking back to 2014, it seems a kinder, gentler time. Dr. Cornett is a wise, genuine, passionate teacher who leads with spirit and vulnerability. Interesting to look back at his work, now that Dr. Jordan Peterson has risen to prominence; now that Me Too has had its moment, now that this kind of conversation feels rare for its openness and playful spirit. Yes, we all gave ourselves workshop names. Mine? Biggish Worm. For reasons explained in Part 1. And for fun.

20:00 – 21:02 … I talk about my wish for Indigenous fair trade coffee, Nation-to-Nation. I’m thrilled to say that in 2022, I have purchased Indigenous Fair Trade Coffee, right here in Edmonton/Amiswaciy, produced by a Cree entrepreneur working with Indigenous growers in Panama. I did nothing more than speak about it. Others made it happen – Lyle Tootoosis and his partners in Cree Coffee Co. To them the credit. Still I’m glad to have spoken of it. I’m reminded to speak of what we want. Let others hear what matters. Share ideas. Part 1 explains the whole process… Part 3 brings it all together.

Here’s Part I

And PartIII is here

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