For the Master, One Year Gone Onward

on any given day, divinity comes floating down the wind, or through still air reminding dirty seekers in our reek and tattered sensibilities that yes, it is still there. yes, it is still there. Thanks for the songs, Mr. Cohen.

Some Snow: Poem #3 of 2017 30/30

I’ve started a new page, in honour of Poetry Month, where I’ll be posting daily (one hopes) poems. I had a blast trying this out last spring, having been inspired by This year, I’m playing 30/30 with pals in The Stroll of Poets, and we’ll be posting as a group after our month of shenanigans is…

Survivor Poem: Unreconciling

Today, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation opened in Winnipeg. Here’s a poem for the occasion, fresh from my fingers, inspired by reading about Phil Fontaine’s speech tonight. Survivor Poem: Unreconciling They said they were bringing God, but they brought Demons, who chase us down the generations. We fight with love and light. We…

Haunted by I Love You

I will never forget finding the page where somebody wrote, ‘I LOVE YOU! That’s WHAT MATTERS!’ with a small broken heart drawn beside it. It hurt, physically, to see that, because i could feel how that writer felt, and the hopelessness of that being the only way that writer felt safe to declare his/her feelings….

Abecedario Numero Uno: Animal Alphabet

Aardvarks of Insecurity sniff your soul’s toes; Bees of Defensiveness fizz in your ear; is that the Crocodile of Doubt? Dung Beetles of Truth roll on, while the Ermine of Excuses slinks thru; Temporality’s Ferrets stop digging for nothing; but Love is that hulking Gorilla, watching from the shadows; he grooms himself and eats a…