Another Podcast Up, at CBC

Here’s another great podcast series; this one’s about Indigenous languages. Each guest is interviewed about our relationship to/use of our Indigenous language(s), and asked to share 3 words for the audience to learn. Have a listen! First Words There is so much more I’d like to say, and of course, so much more we discussed,…

Song of the Tiny Nun

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.  – Mother Teresa Okay, Tiny Nun. What were you up to? Were you working, the whole time, not to make life better in Kolkata for the most pitiful ones, but rather, combing through them with your rakes of joy to glean enough souls…

2002: 400 Mile Song

what am i now, then? this is no time for plays, for stages, for masks. i pray for a new path, to be used for some fine enough purpose that my own grief will not swamp me.   a job comes, that brings me to work with many groups seeking funds to do small projects….

Day 19:Steady

it’s something you draw down from the stars so that you, too, become a cord tying earth into heaven.