Reflection: St. Eugene, 2019

“We’re selling an opportunity to understand our history, to know our people and to share our vision of turning a 60-year nightmare around. We’re creating new memories for our children.” – Ktunaxa Chief Sophie Pierre St. Eugene is a former Indian Residential School, which has been made over into a resort, complete with casino and…

Collage, Making the Cut, Cutting Up

Originally posted on SpectatorCurator:
Tristan Tzara, Dadaist poet,  famously advocated a “cut-up” method of composition, involving cutting out words from a newspaper and drawing them randomly from a hat to create a poem. Collage in language-based work can now mean any composition that includes words, phrases, or sections of outside source material in juxtaposition. With…

Washing the World, at the Poetry Foundation!

The Poetry Foundation, in Chicago, Illinois, has published a poem of mine,  Washing the World  –  first seen here back in 2013/14. Check out their site, there are a lot of amazing writers there. I’m thrilled to be among them now. Fabulous image of the Northern Lights is from user Hans, at

O Canada: Our Home, and Native Land

Not that we haven’t got Indigenous language versions, made by Indigenous language speakers. That’s remarkable, really, considering how the government made it policy to try to exterminate our languages. My Ojibwe tongue was severed in my father’s generation. That those who have kept our languages love this country in spite of it all, enough to put into those the anthem of the country that engendered such a history of abuse against our families, frankly moves me to tears.

This level of love and enduring belief in the power of making a home here for all comers should be lifted up as one of the world’s great examples of humanity.

Beginning and Beginning and Beginning

  Today, they took the statue down in Kjipuktuk, or Halifax town in Mi’kmaki, mapped as Nova Scotia along the stormy Atlantic Ocean   Where did it begin? This need to raise up monuments to men who call for deaths of other men and women and children and ways and lay a bounty on our scalps…

Bizhiki: Witness

Ghost Dance the real ceremony is righteous hatred for the murder of the buffalo for the betrayal of the bond whose bones blow now in dust across you lands, whose blood seeped down and fed the water whose vow was never broken so long as the people remained faithful to their end of the deal…

Seeking Names

This grows in my garden: As you can see, the stalks grow 8 feet tall, and taller, with multiple little heads that clearly show this plant belongs to the sunflower family. This is what we eat from this plant: You might know this plant as Jerusalem Artichoke, or Sunroot, or Sunchoke. You might, if you’re…

A Rant for Rick Mercer: The Problem With Gord Downie

Hey, Rick, Been listening in on your rants for years, as we all do. Now I’ve got one for you, coming from a place of Cantankerous Love, on the problem with Gord Downie. The problem isn’t Gord Downie. He’s doing something brave, meaningful and relevant with his last remaining days among us. That is laudable….

Day 15: Hey Margaret

  it is okay to say you were too busy writing oryx and crake to point at the indigenous connections there it is okay if you were too busy addressing feminism to consider how it is no accident that it arose here, where we have always had agency and where the initial arrivals from europe…