Patio Song

from my patio i watch cranes and/or snow geese rehearse overhead. lower down, sparrows on manoeuvres, the odd chickadee. small engine plane finds its level up there somewhere. it’s all one the song, the sky bright strata. earthbound, i celebrate this spring’s exuberance, building by hand and eye a brickwork patio big enough to lay…

May 2: At First Light

at first, light shocks sound shining from leaf to leaf, and one upturned vessel of bright hope strawberry blossom born before may at first light, then darkening lines whirl describing thermals over the city, around again cranes and snow geese aloft, whistling to themselves a thousand thousand blossoms, wings, windows means of greeting the song….

Day 29: silence of violins

violins poised for the lift conductor’s baton there are birds in trees, and seas full of fish obedient night sings cellos tympanic moon on high this moment wakeful pray your small verse then listen for the One.   Today’s image courtesy of ADD on

Day 24: anaphora in one

One one song one song at the coming of morning one song over the water one voice and then another one one one day one day when the soldiers go too far one day of decision long fermenting one step and then another one one one world one world where gibbons dance one world of…