The Polyglot: Adventures in Many Tongues

Really great artists hold the door. My amazing friend Luciana Erregue-Sacchi is one of those, and this past spring, she collaborated with another, the lovely Adriana Onita, who spearheads the editorial collective that produces The Polyglot. Luciana, as an art historian, wanted to explore the connection between visual and literary aspects of our Canadian canon,…

O Canada: Our Home, and Native Land

Not that we haven’t got Indigenous language versions, made by Indigenous language speakers. That’s remarkable, really, considering how the government made it policy to try to exterminate our languages. My Ojibwe tongue was severed in my father’s generation. That those who have kept our languages love this country in spite of it all, enough to put into those the anthem of the country that engendered such a history of abuse against our families, frankly moves me to tears.

This level of love and enduring belief in the power of making a home here for all comers should be lifted up as one of the world’s great examples of humanity.

Bonus Poem:Moon Lune Luna Personal

Here’s the poem with which i started this year’s French/Spanish translation project. This is the version i collaged into a 3-language piece that i used to lure Madame Giselle Lemire into a crazy-fun trilingual performance experiment. Moon Lune Luna Personal En el fulcro  Au point d’équilibre  balance      point between l’été y otoño la…