When They Ask, I’ll Say

It’s not our fault you feel bad. You should. We should. It’s dead children. We can all do better now.

Washing the World, at the Poetry Foundation!

The Poetry Foundation, in Chicago, Illinois, has published a poem of mine,  Washing the World  –  first seen here back in 2013/14. Check out their site, there are a lot of amazing writers there. I’m thrilled to be among them now. Fabulous image of the Northern Lights is from user Hans, at pixabay.com

Because We Are Human

The wind danced with us, the sky offered a stern and vigilant grey face. I walked downtown along 97th (Namao/LaMeiYu as it may yet be renamed), buckled tight into coat and boots, and braced for this grim event. Today, i joined the nationwide protests against the egregious acquittal of the man who murdered Cindy Gladue….

On Black Coffee Poet This Week

A somewhat self-serving shout-out to the mighty Black Coffee Poet blog. It’s my honour to lead off his week of Honouring and Remembering Indigenous Women. Check it out all week long for more great posts on the theme; and i hope you enjoy my labour of love, Washing the World. http://blackcoffeepoet.com/ My apologies in advance,…

Idle No More

dandelion seeds blow and root across borders heedless lifted for the sun Today, Idle No More happens all around the world. Here’s to all the people, old and young, of whatever heritage, who have taken up the challenge to say, we all have a stake in the health and sanctity of our world. There is…