Waking: Another Video Poem Experiment

Living in a petro–state, thinking about dinosaurs and oil…remembering visiting Seoul, and thinking about dragons and power… Another poem from Fifth World Drum, rendered into another form.

Shallow Dreams

  I live in the North, where we set fire to the future as we burn the past. I live in the Shadow of the Elephant, that bawdy collection of vicious history and bepuffed expectations, that demands we nod along with the trumpeting falsehood that the best of them is the entirety of them. This…

May 9: Transit of Mercury

Transit of Mercury god of communication jumped up sleepless, breathless, gasping image image image flying orbit far beyond context connections flickering dark across the constant sun black dash dash dash somewhere down there meaning burns dot dot dot

Day 17: Traceries

to get to the greyhound station now one passes under the paw of the beast shiny, crouching stadium; try not to worry not about the fancy cantilever overhead but about stadium neighbourhoods, dead and abandoned, like those stale donuts in rustbelt cities, traceries of fast economy devouring land, lighting the cuyahoga river on fire, the…

Day 13:Ucluelet, Her Sea Cans

once upon the wild coast, before we turned back we stopped in ucluelet, whipped by rain and there, inside linked sea cans, the ocean denizens of barkley sound, of clayoquot sound of rocks and shoals around the town, tankbound lay in shallow water. touch them, know them, listen to fond stories of this seastar or…