Do Not Send

Do not send the poets to build your mighty streets for we will follow stream’s meander and bend aside for the cities of ants. Do not send the poets to clean your house for we are apt to pause, enraptured by the fall of dust through light, and sing ‘o, there am i, o there…

The Silence Between Two Rivers

I call myself the Silence Between Two Rivers because I inherit two large streams of humanity. The stories of our interconnections are not well told, for the most part. And the pressure to choose one side or another of my identity is real. And tedious. And not nearly as interesting to me as the territory in between.

Helsinki (with recording)

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
? ? Helsinki An editor said never start a poem at a window, so instead I’m looking at the door, which is made of glass. We are to avoid rain, too, but it streaks the pane in such delicious patterns that I can’t help but pretend to be…

A Constellation of Support

Today seems a good day to post this little article from 2015. A Constellation of Support  It was a rare pleasure to meet the various people I interviewed for this, and I came away feeling uplifted. The thing is, nobody does anything in this world without support, whether we see and acknowledge it or not….

A Table, A Room, A Coffee, A Cat: How the Writing Half Lives

We all know the two stereotypes of how writers live: starving in a Dickensian garret, or swanning about in a mansion, courted by the power elites. However, in Canada, in 2018, how do real writers really live? What’s ‘home’ for us? What follows is an extremely non-exhaustive exploration: I asked some working writers. Their answers…

Ode to Allan R

Another perfect day. A great day for madcap rehearsals for the massive community theatre show. But was it the power or the water utility responsible? I don’t remember, and the people i’d ask are either dead or otherwise out of touch. Anyway, the town had no water. No water is no big deal as far…

Goodnight America: Video Poem #3

  Small note per end credits: This poem, in the end, is not included in For the Changing Moon: Poems and Songs, my new book, out this fall. 


i am watching figure skating without commentary how am i to know what to think? how am i to know what i see? i was not prepared for this, no voiceover to tell me the names, chain together leap and spin with tales of how this person chose this music, this program, this choreography my…

person Daniel Paul Marshall, three poems

Originally posted on ISACOUSTIC*:
Daniel Paul Marshall lives on the island of Jeju, where he runs a guesthouse & bar that he built with his wife. He has had poems published in a few journals, including Four Ties Lit Review, The Contemporary Haibun Online, Underfoot, and The High Window. ∞ A handful of prayers…

garage sale find

Here’s a poem originally published in Fifth World Drum, back in 2009 (Frontenac House, Calgary) It’s an experiment in creating simple mp3 files, with the help of my friend and mentor, Gerry Potter. Thanks, Gerry.


How is it not blazing front page news across Canadian media, that Alberta’s Human Services, who are meant to protect our most vulnerable citizens, have under-reported by some 300%  the deaths of babies in government care over the past several years? How is it that they can say a Public Inquiry would cost too much?…