Call and Response: a Flash Collaboration

say that you’ll light a fire at your going out into the night say that you’ll carry your bright orb of soul through the transit say that you’ll flow through the grey into rosen with gold in your wake say all this: but don’t speak, only colour the sky for a voice. All images by…

Saint Behind the Glass

Here’s a lyrical meditation from NYC author Elizabeth Frank, whose latest novel arrives from Stonehouse Press in November. Elizabeth Frank

camping in search of bears

there was bear poop at the foot of the ravine just by the trail full of berry husks, intriguing to the dogs. there was a cougar on victoria park golf course just below downtown that could put a hole in one. there was a lynx at rest in the legislature grounds approving the shape of…

May 3: these old boots

I have cared too much what people think but not about these old boots; nobody worth knowing would scoff at their scuffed toes rebuilt soles, leather scarred by usefulness. I hope my face becomes as lovely. Today’s image by Christoph Shütz on

May 2: At First Light

at first, light shocks sound shining from leaf to leaf, and one upturned vessel of bright hope strawberry blossom born before may at first light, then darkening lines whirl describing thermals over the city, around again cranes and snow geese aloft, whistling to themselves a thousand thousand blossoms, wings, windows means of greeting the song….

Day 30: blue toothed

night replies, she’s examining oceans, their toothéd blue hunger for land come plamu’g come sea wolf come pu’tupaq come gulls ask the ocean where to find her, ocean answers, trace the river come chejauk come heron come amisk come ti’amug in lace of willows at river’s wrist she twists the strands was, is, will be…

Day 29: silence of violins

violins poised for the lift conductor’s baton there are birds in trees, and seas full of fish obedient night sings cellos tympanic moon on high this moment wakeful pray your small verse then listen for the One.   Today’s image courtesy of ADD on

Day 28: Could Have Been

once tropical this northern city once underwater this broad prairie once seasonal this could have been the way of it still we do not know all the words to this song. Edmonton’s Geological History  Today’s image from Norman Bosworth on

Day 27: altered state

presuppose steady state add sparrowsong, wild gold shaking the tree steady ocean must be stirred, add moon and to dark winter a slice of lemon easterly pull the sun north over the river steady breathing add whistling cranes their victory song calligraphed from one end of vision to the other space hearts such that light…

Day 26: Back Space

rock and roll rides the back beat heavy two and four move it to the three, bring sun and southern oceans move it to the one, stop time, for the space it takes to lift your heart with eagles glide silk currents over continental song lines remember blue, as above where air becomes between, so…

Day 25: In the Margins

of rivers, live swallows fishers, martens, otters others too miraculous of mountains, soft breezes pine carpets, tall grasses small valleys, jewels in pockets of day vision, a shimmer where zabeh walks between here and one slanting molecule over of night, orchestral passion, terror, anger lonely cats and offcasts of memory when geese and cranes sing…

Day 24: anaphora in one

One one song one song at the coming of morning one song over the water one voice and then another one one one day one day when the soldiers go too far one day of decision long fermenting one step and then another one one one world one world where gibbons dance one world of…