Podcast Up!

Recently, I had the most delicious privilege of spending an evening as the guest of Let’s Get Lit* –  Have a listen! * I was their Alcohol-Free special edition, ’cause I’m truly just that square! And ’cause being part of such a sweet, hilarious and warm-hearted community just lights me up!

Hear the WORD

Tomorrow night, I get to spend an hour with Michael James and Thea Bowering, talking about words, music, religion, sex and politics. What’s more fun than campus radio? Indie, intellectual and evolving. Check it out! Word on CJSR

For the Changing Moon: thoughts on Poems&Songs

My new book is out. The official launch happens Wednesday, October 24th, 7 PM at Audrey’s Books, with special guests, Edmonton’s own Spoken Word Youth Choir, under the direction of the fabulous Gail Sobat. If you’re in our town, come on down. This is book number two, yes, only number two. The long years of…

Heart Throb

We are all children of the drum. Life begins and ends to that primal one-two heartbeat, and drums have always been the most powerful of the instruments. We don’t always know that, though, don’t always consciously recognise it, any more, i suppose, than we recognise our own heart beating most of the time. It comes…