Book Trailer – Urbane

“If only I had just punched her in the face.” 

Having survived a stint as a shapeshifter’s accomplice on a mission of vengeance and redemption, unlicensed detective and self-professed asshole Hazel LeSage returns.

The aftermath of violence has left Hazel with questions, wounds and unexpected friends including Shanaya Bhattacharya, a very unusual lawyer whose thirst for wrongs to right leads her and Hazel into the wilder parts of Alberta on a deadly mission of rescue.

Taking it on will force Hazel to confront her past; her survival might depend on some most unexpected alliances. 

Meanwhile in Amiskwaciy, Hazel’s nephew Devin, shaken to the core by the violent death of his childhood friend, has gone to ground in an unlikely lair.  To emerge whole, he must get to grips with the primal wildness of his soul and begin to become a man of worth on his own terms. 

Welcome back to Amiskwaciy, where the mythic has its feet up on your coffee table, and what you see might not be all you get.

Praise for Humane, book one of the Amiskwaciy novels:

“Sewell sheds a light on how our individual and collective histories—of both trauma and love—shape who we are and our responsibilities to each other.” — Y. Dirks,  Alberta Views

“A riotous mystery set in a mystical city, Humane takes us on a mind-bending journey.” — Judy Rebick,

“It’s a wonderful read, a significant addition to the canon of authentic Indigenous crime novel.”

— Wayne Arthurson, author of the award-winning Leo DesRoches series.

Praise for AMSewell’s writing:

“… Not the kitschy aboriginal rattles and moccasin soft-shoe of urban aboriginal after pre-European roots, but the real mean deal… Ms. Sewell has developed the slinky moves to slide like smoke over or under most barricades.” — Northern Poetry Review

“Sewell brings a genuine, specific voice to this landscape, through words that are muscular, though simple, and which come like breath or singing.” — The Malahat Review

“Raw, wide-eyed and palpably electric, this is wonderful stuff… ” — The Globe and Mail

We’re also launching in Calgary on June 5th, if you prefer.

If you’d like a reading in your town, reach out via

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