Outer Space, Inner Light

As midwinter shows the first hints of spring to come, I’m excitedly awaiting the premiere of Outer Space, Inner Light; I wrote the text in response to a choral score by the amazing Mari Alice Conrad, who wrote that score in response to a different poem, Book of Songs,* which was the title and text under which this piece was first performed, and also how it’s listed in the promos below, which went to print before the new text was finalized.

Outer Space, Inner Light premieres at Pro Coro’s upcoming Feb 11th and 12th concert Moonshot IV: The Day King

It’s a real honour to have Pro Coro present our work. And a real thrill that this event includes special guests The Growlers, the world’s only Heavy Metal Choir!

*I wrote Book of Songs in May 2020, in response to songs and stories shared to me by Dinka refugees from Sudan back in 2001 – 02; it’s part of a forthcoming collection, about which more in days to come.

Eclipse image courtesy of ipicgr on pixabay.com

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