Humane, the Audio Book

Every year, the Book Publishers Association of Alberta selects a few titles for production as audiobooks by CNIB. I was honoured to have Humane chosen for this project.* Here’s a couple of links to where to buy the audiobook version.

In Kobo

And on iBooks.

Happy listening. I welcome reviews of my work.

Meanwhile, edits progress for Urbane, the sequel, due to launch in Spring 2023 from

*Not only is it a vote of confidence in my work, but also it reminds me of our familial connection to CNIB. My husband’s grandfather was blind for much of his life, despite which he became a successful businessman and a pretty fair golfer. We have his hand-carved chess board as a legacy reminder that human potential gets realized in many forms. The world is full of brave and determined people making their way despite pain, suffering and barriers. Here’s to CNIB and all the organizations who serve to open the world.

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