Poetry Video

Back in 2021, the Edmonton Poetry Festival responded to the pandemic by commissioning poets to create recordings of our work. This is my “virtual chapbook” (to quote Dr. Don Perkins):

Poetry Festival 2021 – AMSewell – all works copyright, Anna Marie Sewell.

This video was recorded on GarageBand and iMovie, using my own music (tracks 2 and 3) and open source Apple Loops arranged by me (all other tracks), and all inadequacies of mixing and EQ are mine; the visuals are from open source online library pixabay.com

Thank you to Edmonton Poetry Festival Artistic Director Shima Robinson/ aka Dwennimen, and to all the poetry community of Edmonton. You have long been inspiring, challenging, and delightful companions along the road of verse.

Track Listing:

  • 0:00 – Before and After (prairiepomes.com, 2020)  the opening poem from my latest collection, ‘For the One: Poems &Songs’ publication pending
  • 0:33 – RaeAnn (words & music @AMSewell 1996), a song I wrote for a colleague who couldn’t break free from the web of addictions
  • 5:21 – About the Ocean (Fifth World Drum, Frontenac House, 2009, all the voices are me; ”k’tan’ means ‘ocean’ in Mi’gmaq, ‘nibi’ means ‘water’ in Anishinaabemowin; these are my paternal ancestral languages.
  • 7:15 – There is an Onion (prairiepomes, 2019), an ode to food with opinions.
  • 10:15 – Constant, Transient, Permanent (prairiepomes, 2021), another ‘For the One’
  • 11:19 – Do Not Send (2015) – I wrote this one while walking downtown enroute to perform with a bunch of other Edmonton poets at the CBC Centrestage. 

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