Choral Collaboration News

In just over 2 years of collaboration, Mari Alice Conrad has composed a number of remarkable settings for various of my poems.

Beyond delighted to announce that Journey Song has arrived for purchase on Cypress Choral Music.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, Exultate Choir will feature the Stephen Chatman Award winning At First Light on May 23rd as part of the Podium Festival.

The award jury notes: I was completely drawn to this music because of the text [by Anna Marie Sewell]. How exciting for a young composer to collaborate with an established poet to create this choral piece. This composer uses word painting, dissonant harmonies, and aleatoric techniques to capture the attention of both the singer and the audience. Here is the text.

Upcoming May 15th, Pro Coro will premiere our latest, Mari Alice’s choral rendering of my poem Book of Songs.

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  1. bilingualgal says:

    Congratulations, Anna Marie! Jocelyne

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