30/30/2022 Day 7: Swans

Have you seen the River Goddess? 
I have, and She is
multifarious in her splendour
Her cozzies and woolly toques
gliding through Oxford’s cold green
April morning water, quietly

She gathers her various bodies
to briefly wear a swan’s disguise, and then
resume domestic duties, jobs and children
husbands and the entangled lines of it all.

For these minutes grace, they grant 
me - cold, fat visitor on the shore - a view
of resurgent power. We must choose
as years bear down, to wear 
these cronal bodies as a crown.

For Sophie, Elly, and the rest of the fabulous flock, at Oxford West CC; long may you swim!

Feather image courtesy Dmitrii Bardadim on pixabay.com

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  1. Mary-Ann DeVries says:

    Ah! The art of aging gracefully! Thank you for the reminder! ❤️

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