Book Club Reflection: the Power of RISE

It has been 16 months since Humane launched, and what an amazing ride it’s been. Any time I wonder about the usefulness of writing a novel, I get sent wonderful messages from various sources. Here’s one that cropped up today while I was researching language resources (specifically, recorded examples of how to pronounce ‘Maengan’ – ‘wolf’ the name of one of Humane’s family of seekers).

I am so moved by the thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and depth with which this bookclub analyzed Humane. I’m not surprised. I’ve been witness to (and intermittently involved in) the dedicated work of this group of volunteers born out of the determination of one woman – Miranda Jimmy – not to let the closing of the TRC mean the end of activities in our city of Edmonton/Amiskwaciy that seek to learn our difficult shared history, uncover the hidden, confront what needs healing, and build on the human fundamentals that make it possible to imagine a healthy, positive, inclusive and indigenized future.

Here’s their guide to the book, archived publicly.

I confess it’s causing me to look at my work anew, to consider and wonder anew about how others might understand the stories I set down in Humane.

Thank you, RISE, thank you Edmonton Public Library, thank you Miranda.

Please contact if you’d like to set up a bookclub study of Humane*, and contact if you’d like to use their amazing guiding questions to set up your own bookclub for Humane. *Where schedules permit, I am happy to consider attending a bookclub meeting to answer your burning questions and comments on Humane.

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