What a thrill to hold an Advance Reading Copy of my first novel. What a thrill as well, to have such great advance feedback from amazing writers:

A riotous mystery set in a mystical city, Humane takes us on a mind-bending journey through Indigenous culture to find love and justice in places we never thought to look.  Twisting, turning and diving through and around its mostly female characters, Humane is a smorgasbord of suspense, humour, politics, and culture.   A not to be missed original novel that will knock your socks off. — Judy Rebick, activist, founder of

Who killed Nell August? Equipped with a power dream and a stolen black dog with whom she communicates telepathically, Hazel LeSage, a detective living and working in a “brown” prairie city, sets off to find out.

What ensues is an expertly constructed Agatha Christie-like tale, written with the steadfast and humorous pen of a Maria Campbell. Forceful and unflinching, at times painful, but always love-laden and often funny, Humane is a story about family and community; an examination and denunciation of historical injustices, and a relentless search for truth and integrity.

Carmen Rodriguez, Chilean-Canadian award-winning author of and a body to remember with, short stories, and Retribution, a novel.

In Humane, Anna Marie Sewell brings an Indigenous and poetic sensibility to the crime novel, infusing it with imagery and dance as a Metis mother of two works as an unlicensed Private Investigator. Like its Metis characters, Humane straddles two worlds, following the contours of Western-based novel but infusing it with Indigenous storytelling and allegory. It’s a wonderful read, a significant addition to the canon of authentic Indigenous crime novel.

— Wayne Arthurson, Author of the acclaimed Leo DesRoches crime novels, and The Red Chesterfield

 Preorder via Amazon Here:

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  1. robert okaji says:

    I can’t wait to read this. How do I order a copy?


  2. prairiepomes says:

    Aw… 🙂 will be setting up their order page for the Fall Catalogue soon – I will post that here as soon as I get the link!


  3. Mary-Ann DeVries says:

    Congratulations friend! What a wonderful accomplishment! I have pre-ordered and am eagerly awaiting November!

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  4. prairiepomes says:

    wow – thanks!


  5. sydney says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Anna!!! SO excited to get my mitts on a copy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. prairiepomes says:

    Thanks, Sydney! So much fun to look how far we’ve both come from the old Creative Writing 376/7 days, eh?


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