June 1: Thank You, Readers

Every day, my site dashboard tells me, prairiepomes.com is visited by people around the world. Thank you for reading my work. Thank you for your kind comments.

How odd it is to consider that blogging, in the scant 12 years I’ve been doing it, has become ‘old-fashioned,’ eclipsed by speedier, more ‘interactive’ platforms.

Nonetheless, the world persists in glory, in ever-renewing wonders, the simple and profound circle of life, of relationships, of change, the spiral dance of seasonality.

There is order. There is meaning. They are everywhere we look, if we open our eyes to them. They are everywhere to be heard, when we listen.

The Great Song heralds sun’s arrival in the morning, testifies to the day’s light, sings down the blanket of night. The Song goes on.

Thank you for sharing a small connection with me, wherever you are. May you be carried in Song all the days and nights of your life. May this Ceremony be kind to you. May you know your purpose and serve it, and find joy in it.

And if ever we meet, it will be my delight.



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