Day 30: blue toothed

night replies, she’s examining
oceans, their toothéd
blue hunger for land

come plamu’g
come sea wolf
come pu’tupaq
come gulls

ask the ocean where
to find her, ocean
answers, trace
the river

come chejauk
come heron
come amisk
come ti’amug

in lace of willows
at river’s wrist
she twists the strands
was, is, will be

come makwa
come ga’ag
come fisher
come loon

come with your own name

this dawn needs singing
this day needs voices

come poet
raise your ragged
blue toothed verses

sing only those
that shine back in the dawn
there is only One Song.

Well, here we are, at the 30th of 30/30 2020. Thank you to Trudy Greinauer, who hosts the Stroll of Poets’ 30/30 game; thank you to all the poets who played this year, creating so much. May the Song roll on through us. Why else are we here?

Today’s image by giselaatje on – where else? –, an amazing online image resource.


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