Day 22: Laconic Tonic

Don’t ‘at’ me any Earth Day
bullshit, i’m in the garden:

unless you have some skin
to put in this game, shut up.

If all you have is voice
then tell me like a peasant
only the poet bones of it.

But better you bend
your back to shovel
lift these bricks, use knees.

Kill rogue rhizomes
by hand, with respect
be swift and rip down deep.

If all you have is fear
get walking, or crawling

or run for all i care, get
out of the way of the work.

Better, open that bag
of composted evidence

of a peasant truth,
bullshit talks, real shit
ages down to food for soil.

Everything is give and take
round and round, every day.

I’ve already said too much.

Today’s image by Cesar Augusto Ramirez Vallejo on

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