Day 21: Distance Between

shard and treasure
garden and rubble
over and renewal

peak oil crisis
oil glut crisis
new ice age crisis
global warming crisis
nuclear crisis
viral crisis

crisis of faith
clarified vision

shell crisis and fledging

wind and harbour

said and heard
heard and accepted
apprehend and comprehend

curtain rise and fall

over and renewal
rubble and garden
shard and sand and glinting
glory, garter snake

gabe and my girl
shepherd a reptile
across hot striped path
up toward hoodoos

jen and I further
back at mom pace
murmuring work and men
how children grow

whatever the crisis
moving in the Song.

Three weeks into this year’s 30/30, really enjoying the challenge of using the prompt phrase as title and launch point.

Today’s images: first from pixel 1 at Second from….

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