Day 17: 140 Characters

Any 20 of them could be
born on a Saturday, but
odds and probablities
love things more randomly

Temujin, who became Chinggis
Khaan of all the wide kingdoms
himself has resolved into
countless refracted versions
of descendants’ dreams
his manifold destiny

one hundred or so were spotted
dogs, but before them five Parisian                                                                                             cats – the elegant single mother
and her artistic progeny, trained
in classical music, while the love
interest played jazz and musky blues
bit players might bring it to 110
which leaves us enough room for
Madagascar, more or less, minus lemurs

mountain river day moon
east that looks like tree
nearly big somewhat like dog
person small fire water
sea mother weather rain
filling up square by square
keys to eloquence

a 60 piece orchestra
10 extra drummers and a choir
70 strong, roaring out one song.
that, and one little fiddler
somewhere, eyes closed
thrumming under God’s bow

 Today’s prompt, ‘140 characters’ got me thinking all sorts of things; here are five of them. Image by Katie Phillips on the lovely

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