Day 8: Objection of Broken Boxes

think outside them —
what am i, a cat? enticed
playing this cardboard hard
slapping it like sumo


who boxes, given sumo?
in the dohyo, sacred
space, you stand revealed
belly, butt and naked fear
eye to eye with yokozuna
who only fights himself

fighting only himself, he sees
inevitable paths to victory
for who holds more of him
than he, himself?


if you would become supreme
man or cat, the view is the same
this world is not boxes to be broken

no, all is sacred, One Song
you sing with fist, or paw
or thunderous stamp

you whirl and clap
nekodamashi – cat’s feint –
you break the gaze of any
illusion or foe, roll all
into the eye of God.

Day 8’s prompt – objection of broken boxes –  took a little thinking (also slowed down by need to get my edited novel (!!!) out the door – next stop, Advance Reading Copies, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Today’s image by Ulrike Mai on the mighty

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