Day 7: Secret Recipe

What makes a good secret?

Purity of ingredients, you say
and freshness: Paul is stale
his dead or alive status moot.

For better secrets, rely
on imperishable things:
old Bigfoot holds its flavour.

Loves unspoken, too
can last, if you remember:
open the jar freely, and inhale.

Exactitude matters, though
when using Area: 49? 52?
only one amount gives rise.

Some are regional and delicate:
you won’t find a good Chinook
made of tropical sky, however blue.

Best crunch and savour, I say
lives local and seasonal: air
under spring ice, new leaves.

And every kitchen worth its salt
holds encoded, a personal heirloom
recipe: how to thrum in the One.

Today’s prompt ‘secret recipe’ – today’s image by RitaE from the mighty

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