30/30 2020 – Day 1: Self Portrait Waiting

Day 1: Waiting

by the wall
for my name
or to dissolve
before i’m the last one left there unchosen

in the dark
for my cue
and the light
in which to change

on the line
for the news
at two a.m.
‘you seemed to know already’

by the window
for blue arch
to bring the wind
to break the cold and isolation

in the morning
for the car
while flame trees throw
their celebration up to heaven

on the stone road
for my horse
his broad-blazed face
and will to run, to run, to run

by the sea
for white waves
washing my feet
with news and oceanic views

in the park
for my man
that i may walk
through autumn into ceremony

on the stool
for my child
to crest the wave
out of my body into the future

for love
for courage
for faith
for strength
for breath
to sing my part
in this, the Only Song.

Thrilled to be part of Stroll of Poets 30/30 again. Huge thanks to Trudy Greinauer, who nimbly organizes us in this epic wordsmith party. 

Image by czu_czu_PL on the mighty pixabay.com


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