Last Night the Rabbits…

last night the rabbits were dancing

down the street, they were seen to be

dancing, white in the whiteness of night

in december, in amiskwaciy waskahigan


last night, the rabbits were prancing

all prosperous, fat and assured

with their street smarts, claiming here

a lawn, there a park, this bit of boulevard


you may wish to debate whether they know

this social moment, and raise flags in explicit

response, or whether they simply (simply?) dance continuous

with their pulse, in the ever-perilous now


this much i can say: last night, on our street

under streetlight and moonlight and snowlight

near  solstice, in amiskwaciy waskahigan

white and alive, rabbits danced.


all our relations


image by lordwiccar on

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  1. Mary-Ann says:

    I should have been out there, dancing with them……

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