Tell Me a Story, with Metropolitan Orchestra!

One of my professional goals is to work with orchestras. Friday, I get my first chance.


I’m guesting with Metropolitan Orchestra, performing a poetic piece composed to weave along with Legend #1.

What’s my text about? A certain time traveling lapine makes use of the moon in order to visit a composer in Bohemia, whispering of how to write in Dminor, the key of ‘melancholy womanliness, spleen and humours brooding,’ and reveal that, within that melancholy is a fire, a fire of exultant potential, unfailingly radiant however denied….

I was invited to take part in this event by Dr. Don McMann, one of my colleagues at MacEwan. Being Writer-in-Residence has been such a fulsome and delicious experience so far.

In my next post, I’ll write about BY HEART, one of my thus-far favourite experiments in collaborative community arts.

If you’re reading this in Edmonton, I hope you’ll come on out Friday night, to support  Metropolitan Orchestra, and enjoy collaborative, interdisciplinary arts live.



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