how, as well to ask the wind,

do you perform ceremony

for someone who believed

other than you do?


does the same wind extinguish

every candle? was it real?

the vision of your soul, as spark

suddenly aware of how light

the spiral of space and time

wide open, how easy to fly


the great mystery exerts

its own catholic majesty


was that laughter streaming after?

flame free of candle


This is the day that the lord has made. This is the day that marks two years since my beloved mother took leave of her body, became soul transcending, moved on into the mystery. May the Lord she loved hold her welcome and joyful in the dance.  

Here on earth, may all of us who knew her hold each other a little more beloved for the reminder, of all a life may be, of all that swiftly passes, of the songs and sorrows we may share, and those we must each hold as our own, for as long as our own candle flares. This is the day that The Lord has made.

Memorial gifts in honour of Albina Sewell may be made to Stollery Children’s Hospital

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  1. sydney says:

    My Mum passed 15 years ago, May 28. It’s always fresh, that loss on that day. But each year deepens the understanding of what legacy actually means, and is. And it’s in the little things, the mundane actions and abilities that carry us through. Much love to you and yours.


    1. prairiepomes says:

      Thanks, Sydney, and back to you.


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