There is an Onion: Sound Recording1

A first sketch… stand by for the rerecording.

There is An Onion by the Stove

There is an onion by the stove
brown-papered, seeming unconcerned
smug, really, if you come to think
of its audacious round bum at rest

Audacious, to just sit there, by the stove
so near the fire, so nonchalant and calm
is there anything more patient? or 
more self-centred than an onion?

There is an onion by the stove, love
really, just there, not even in a bowl
as if taunting the pans, the burners
the frenzied flail of spatulas

Taunting, with its papered curves
any pretension of perfected flights
of culinary fancy; it comes down to 
this, emissary of earth, of soul

While the poet crafts ephemera
in egg-white, whips chocolate into
bacchanals, commits carnage unrelenting
sieves and bastes, deglazes, tastes

Nothing, nothing in all the craft at hand
so sums the lowly nature of that 
which most sustains humanity, as to point 
like a sage, and say no more than this:

There is an onion by the stove.

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